5 Industries that Hires Freelance Writers

Freelancing can be a lucrative and rewarding career for any writer looking to gain experience in the publishing industry. Whether you are specifically looking to work as a freelance writer or considering the option, here are five industries that offer the best opportunities for freelancers.


The entertainment industry is an obvious choice for freelance writers. With such high demand and popularity, there are many opportunities available. Freelancers can work with companies that provide creative writing services or contribute to a variety of types of magazines, newspapers, and websites.

This industry is notorious for its fierce competition, so it’s crucial for freelancers to be able to produce quality work on a regular basis.

While there are many opportunities available in the entertainment industry, freelancers should also consider other industries like education and business. The latter offers more stability as well as a chance to interact with your target audience on a daily basis.


The world of technology is constantly changing, and it’s difficult to predict what new technologies will be available in the future. If you’re looking to gain experience working in a fast-paced industry, freelancing for technology companies is an option that can’t be overlooked.

In fact, recent studies indicate that freelance writers are one of the most in-demand professionals for technology companies. This means there’s a high demand for writers who are knowledgeable about technology and are willing to write articles, blog posts, and other content related to technology.

As a freelancer working on behalf of a tech company, you have access to a wide range of topics and skillsets. You might be writing about trends and predictions or developing marketing strategies as part of your job duties. But regardless of what your job entails, this type of position offers great opportunities for growth within the publishing industry. If you’re interested in freelancing with tech companies as your expertise, consider these five industries:


Freelancing as a journalist offers a great opportunity to gain experience in the publishing industry and publish articles online. With freelance journalists, content is more likely to be published as well-written and interesting pieces of writing.

Additionally, freelancers are able to create their own work schedule and set their own days off. This flexibility allows for unlimited opportunities to work on your freelance career without having to worry about the rigors of a full-time job.

The downside to this career path is the lower pay rates compared to other options. However, you can help make up for this with your higher level of professionalism, which will allow you to charge more than non-freelance writers in the long run.


One of the best opportunities for freelancers is in the media industry. With so many publications and sites needing content, it is a booming industry to work in. The only downside to working in writing for media outlets is that these jobs are often contract-based. Having a steady income can be difficult when you’re on contract, but with enough experience and a good portfolio, you can find full-time work with an established publication.

Media companies are always looking for fresh content and writers who can provide unique perspectives on topics their readers want to know more about. Year-round employment is not guaranteed, so freelancers must be able to stay flexible with their goals and switch industries if necessary.

Another upside of working in the media industry as a freelance writer is that you will have access to some of the most creative people from every walk of life. Working alongside talented writers from all over the world will give you insight into how different cultures view life events. This can help you grow as an individual by learning how other countries approach certain situations or offer their own perspectives on them.


Writing for a newspaper, magazine, or book publishing company is one of the best freelancing opportunities available. This type of work offers flexible hours and the opportunity to earn a substantial income.

Beyond just writing, you can also be involved in many other aspects of publishing like editing, graphic design, and marketing. These tasks may require specific skillsets that are not necessarily related to writing but will allow you to gain valuable experience and make connections with editors who might later hire you on as a staff writer.

Many publishing companies will also offer internships where novice writers can gain on-the-job experience while being paid relatively low wages. In this sense, it’s possible to build up your resume while still getting paid at the same time.

Other opportunities include working as an editor or proofreader for magazines or newspapers as well as becoming a book publicist. The most popular jobs among freelance writers are in these industries because they provide plenty of opportunities for advancement and an excellent starting salary.

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