5 Ways To Find and Hire Freelancers Online

Finding a freelancer can be tough, but here are five ways to find and hire freelancers online.

1. SqueezeFunnel

2. Fiverr

3. Upwork

4. Elance

5. Guru.

Squeeze Funnel

The first way to find a freelancer is to use a website that doesn’t require you to give out personal information. This type of site, called a “freelance marketplace,” will allow you to search for and contact freelancers.

One site that could be used for this purpose is SqueezeFunnel. The platform has been around since 2011 and allows people to find and contract with freelance workers. You can filter freelancers by location or skill set, or search the listings by specific job description in the categories of accounting, design, marketing and more. Once you find someone you want to work with, you simply contact them with a request for an estimate – which includes basic contacts like name, email address and phone number as well as any prior experience they may have had.

You can also create an account on the site if you don’t have one yet. It’s easy to setup an account on SqueezeFunnel and start using the platform immediately.


If you’re looking for a quick and affordable project, Fiverr is perfect for you. It’s a marketplace where people can buy and sell tasks such as graphic design, writing, voiceover work, programming, and more.

Fiverr is great because it gives you the opportunity to find freelancers who specialize in what you need done. You can search by category, country or keyword to find the right freelancer for your task. With Fiverr, you can also take advantage of its competitive pricing; most gigs are priced between $5 and $200 on the platform.

Plus, Fiverr will help match your project with an appropriate freelancer based on skill and location. This is helpful because it saves both parties time as well as money.


Upwork is a marketplace for work that connects businesses with freelancers. The site gives you great options for finding and hiring freelance workers, and it’s easy to see what each freelancer has done in the past.

The site makes it easy to find people who are qualified for your project. You can search by skill, location, and industry, so you can find someone who knows their stuff. Plus, if you’re looking for an expert in a specific topic or niche, Upwork will help you find the perfect person to handle your project.

Finding and hiring someone through Upwork is simple. Simply log on and create an account to get started.


Elance is a freelancer marketplace where you can find and hire freelancers for different types of work. This site is perfect for all types of businesses, from small companies to large corporations. Elance has over 2 million active freelancers in the platform, which means that it’s likely that your needs will be met through a freelancer on this site. It’s also incredibly easy to browse profiles and find a freelancer, making it even easier to hire someone.

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